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Pink and Black Willy Boppers are a goofy and hilarious bachelorette party accessory that all the guests will love. is proud to offer a wide selection of fun accessories like this.

Hot Facts

  • Plush Willy Boppers
  • Soft and bouncy
  • Comfortable headband fits any head

Item Description

When you’re going out for a bachelorette party, it’s always a good idea to mark your bachelorette with some distinctive article of clothing, in case she gets lost, or in case any guys get the ridiculous idea that she’s the member of your party they’d like to hit on. Oftentimes a simple sash or tiara that says “Bride to Be” will do the trick, but of course, some bachelorettes won’t be satisfied with something so plain and simple. They need something a little more exotic, something that makes them stand out a little more.

Well, if she’s looking to stand out, we can’t think of much that would help her more with that than these Plush Willy Boppers. The thin pink headband easily slips into any hairstyle, and voila, suddenly she’s got a pair of bouncing, wiggling penises popping out of her head. This will definitely mark her as unique, that’s for sure.

If your bride-to-be wants to let the world know how goofy she is and how much fun she’s having, a pair of Plush Willy Boppers is the way to go. They’re affordable, well-constructed, and about as fashionable as a pair of wiggly dicks on your head can be. Best of all, unlike boring old sashes or tiaras, she can totally still get some use out of the Plush Willy Boppers after the night of the party. You see, they’re reusable as a halloween costume: she can go as an alien from the planet Dickulon-5. Actually, if she’s wearing these, she could probably pretend to be that for her bachelorette party, too.

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