Get Some Shut-Eye with the Plush Willy Eye Mask

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The plush willy eye mask is a hilarious gag gift and party accessory from Help your Bachelorette get some much deserved sleep the funniest way you know how!

Hot Facts

  • Plush Willy Eye Mask
  • A soft eye mask with a stuffed penis on it
  • One size fits all

Item Description

Recently, we conducted a highly scientific study of our website here at to see what words we use most to describe our products. By which I mean, we just randomly clicked around and casually browsed random pages to see what words caught our eye the most. It was highly scientific because we wore lab coats while doing it.

Well, much to our surprise, the most common words seemed to be synonyms for penis. But after that, it was probably the word “fun” or “funny.” It seems like we talk a lot about how much fun you’re going to have wearing it or using these products. Sometimes we have to explain what’s funny about an item. People’s first reaction to confetti, for example, usually isn’t “Oh boy, this’ll be fun!” but rather “I don’t want to deal with cleaning this shit up.” (Here’s the explanation for that one: it’ll be really funny if you make whoever has the biggest hangover in the morning clean it up).

But we’re guessing we don’t need to explain what’s hilarious about the Plush Willy Eye Mask. It kind of speaks for itself. Strap this eye mask around your head and suddenly you become a penis cyclops - a cockclops, if you will. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “one-eyed monster.”

The Plush Willy Eye Mask also does a decent job of blocking out the light, so it’s somewhat functional as well as funny. It should help the bride-to-be get some much-needed shut-eye after such a long and wild night out - assuming the guests can stop playing with the plush penis long enough for her to fall asleep!

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