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Rainbow Peckermints
Rainbow Peckermints
Rainbow Peckermints
Rainbow Peckermints
Rainbow Peckermints Penis Shaped Mints
Rainbow Peckermints Tin
Rainbow Peckermints in Six Colors

Rainbow Peckermints

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Freshen your breath with the power of penis thanks to colorful and tasty Rainbow Peckermints! There's enough in the tin for the whole bachelorette party to get a mouthful!

Hot Facts

  • Six Colors
  • 24g per tin
  • Minty Fresh
  • Item Description

    Alright, ladies, think fast: when your breath’s a little funky and you want it minty fresh, what’s the first thing you should reach for to stick in your mouth?

    Yep, that’s right - a penis!

    Wait, what do you mean you didn’t say “penis?” Are you sure? Huh... that’s weird. I thought every girl knew the universal truth that penises are a delicious-tasting way to clean your mouth out and freshen your breath.

    What do you mean, they smell musty and sweaty and reek of man-funk? OH! You must be thinking of those kinds of penises! No, no, no. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. Heaven forbid you put that kind of penis anywhere near your mouth at the bachelorette party. Goodness no. The only kind of penis that should be anywhere near there is these fun and fresh Rainbow Peckermints!

    Rainbow Peckermints taste just like altoids or other breath-freshening mints, except they’re shaped like funny little penises. And they’re rainbow-colored, of course, with six different colors to choose from! Each tin comes with approximately 30 penis mints, so there’s more than enough to share with the whole party. Now, doesn’t that sound like exactly the sort of thing you want to freshen your breath with? That’s what I thought!

    Net weight 24g / 0.8 oz.

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