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Rainbow Lollipops Kit SALE
Rainbow Lollipops Kit - One Larger Pop SALE

Bachelorette Party Rainbow Lollipops Kit

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Like rainbows? Like lollipops? Like penis-shaped things? You're in luck: this kit combines all of those things in one!

Hot Facts

  • Two boxes of Rainbow Pecker Pops
  • One Giant Rainbow Pecker Pop

Item Description

Sometimes, one rainbow penis-shaped lollipop just isn’t enough. Okay, if you ask us, one rainbow penis-shaped lollipop is never enough! Luckily, the Rainbow Lollipops Kit has all the rainbow peckers on sticks you could ever need!

This kit includes:

  • Two Boxes of Rainbow Pecker Pops: With six pops per box, that’s twelve of these tasty fruit-flavored penis pops in total. That should be enough to satisfy everyone at the party’s desires!

  • Giant Rainbow Penis Pop: It’s important to make sure that all the guests get their share of the fruity rainbow penises, but it’s also important to make sure the bachelorette feels special. And what better way to make her feel special than with an extra-large rainbow penis pop just for her? This sucker is more than twice as big as all the others in the kit, so your bachelorette will be satisfied even if she’s the queen of size queens.
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