Realistic Penis Balloons - 8 Balloons

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We love the Realistic Penis Balloons. Get these balloons and have a wild bachelorette party.

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Tired of all the cartoon penises all over this website? Sometimes, so am I. Here at, we see a lot of penis propaganda. Cartoon penises on every plate, napkin, centerpiece, banner, and balloon. Everything you can imagine in the shape of a penis: straws, suckers, gummies, pens.

While I agree that no bachelorette party is complete without a hefty dose of penis, sometimes it is hard for me to get excited about something I see everyday. That's why I am so excited about the Realistic Penis Balloons. Sure, they are another product with a penis on them. But these balloons have the most realistic drawing of a penis on them EVER.

The Realistic Penis Balloons are hysterically gross. They are white balloons with colorful prints of realistic penises on them. Each balloon features a different hairy, flaccid penis, complete with a tuft of pubic hair and balls. With peni that appear to be taken straight out of an anatomy book, these balloons are sure to please every girl at your party. Or torment them. Or at least make them laugh uncomfortably.

Get these balloons to decorate a party space at a hotel, house party, limo or bar. They are super awesome!

Eight balloons.

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