Bachelorette Drinking Bell

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Serve the bachelorette tasty drinks and shots all night long, when she rings the Drinking Bell.

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  • "Ring For A Drink"
  • Drinking Bell

Item Description

When the bachelorette is rendered too drunk to speak (it happens), the Drinking Bell will alert you that she wants another round! The Drinking Bell gives the bride-to-be a way to communicate that she'd like another drink.

The bright pink drinking bell says, "Ring for a Drink" in black letters and has a black handle. It's small enough for the bachelorette to carry in her purse, so she can bring it out on the town and see what strangers and new friends will do for her!

Your bachelorette can come up with different ring patterns if she likes: one ring for a shot, two rings for a mixed drink, three for a beer. Or just keep it simple and serve her a favorite drink all night long.

Your bachelorette can use the Drinking Bell at any at-home or bar-hopping bachelorette party. It's a great way for her to sit back and enjoy the evening, and it's pretty funny to boot.

1 Drinking Bell.

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