Sassy Suckers

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Sassy Suckers are an alternative to penis lollipops that's still tons of naughty fun! They're also very tasty, and sure to be a hit at your bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Five Flavors
  • Naughty Phrases
  • Perfect for Penis-Free Parties

  • Item Description

    So, the bride-to-be has banned all dick-themed decorations and snacks from her bachelorette party, saying that she’s “classier than that.” Well, as a friend who’s close enough to her to be planning her bachelorette party, you probably have some memories of her that prove that “too classy” argument is a load of crap. Still, it’s best not to go against the bachelorette’s wishes on her special night. So, how can you inject some raunchiness into this “classy” party without violating the no-dick clause?

    Sassy Suckers just might be the perfect loophole. They’re not penis-shaped like so many other lollipops on this site, but they’ll still get all the guests’ dirty minds going straight to the gutter! Each sucker has a raunchy phrase printed on it, with messages like “Blow me!” and “Suck it!” in white letters against bright colorful backgrounds. Each sucker is a different delicious fruit flavor, too, making these naughty phrases almost as fun to eat as they are to drunkenly shout at each other!

    5 suckers per pack.

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