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Score at the bar with Score Cards!

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Normal pickup lines aren't cutting it? Try your luck with these Score Cards instead. Hand them to girls at the bar or club and see how they react!

Hot Facts

  • Score Cards
  • 52 cards with pickup lines
  • Hand these out to girls at the bar or club

Item Description

It’s your buddy’s last night of freedom before tying the knot. He’s having doubts and second thoughts, and you know that only the wise counsel from several very drunk friends can reassure him he’s making the right decision. Needless to say, you’re going out and getting wasted. And if you’re going out and getting wasted, chances are you’re going to meet some ladies. It might be too late for the soon-to-be-groom to sow his wild oats, but not for the rest of you. And you’re in luck, because you’ve got the ultimate aphrodisiac with you: a living reminder of the institution of marriage and every woman’s desire to seek it out as soon as possible and/or avoid it like the plague.

But maybe you still need a little extra help breaking the ice that and letting ladies know you’re down for that wedding night tradition. Or maybe you’re so good at wooing women that you need a handicap to hinder your unstoppable game. Either way, Score Cards have you covered.

The way Score Cards work is simple: approach a girl you’d like to take home and hand her one of these cards before you introduce yourself or say anything at all. If you’re lucky, she’ll laugh, and you’ll be much further toward bringing her home than you would be with an ordinary pickup line. If you’re unlucky, you’re probably going to get slapped in the face. Of course, some of these cards are more likely to lead to one outcome than the other. Some of them are pretty clever and likely to elicit a laugh, like “I’m like a trick coin: 100% chance you’ll get head.” Others are so blunt you’d have to be a pickup wizard to pull them off: “I buy you a beer... you give me a blowjob?” Fortunately, there are enough cards to choose from in this pack that everyone in your party should be able to find some good ones. But be selective in handing them out: once a girl reads these, whether they’re impressed or angry, you’re not likely to get your card back!

One pack contains 52 Score Cards.

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