Make Your Own Sex Position Magnets

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Make up your own crazy new sex positions with the word magnets, then show what they look like with the male and female figure magnets!

Hot Facts

  • Sex Position Magnets
  • Over 150 word magnets
  • 12 male and female magnets

Item Description

Want to spice things up in the bedroom tonight? Try giving your significant other the Cleopatra’s Zipper, the Turkish Yachtsman, or the Slippery Brunch Hammock.

What, you’ve never heard of those positions? Oh. Maybe that’s because we just made them up, thanks to these sex position fridge magnets. This magnet set comes with more than 150 crazy words and words that sound crazy together, so you’ll never run out of hilarious combinations to think up. Of course, in doing so, maybe you’ll come up with a brilliant name for a new position, but can’t quite picture what it would look like... But you’re in luck! This set also comes with 12 human figure magnets in various provocative poses that you can arrange to illustrate your ingenious invention.

These magnets make a great way to inject some humor into a bachelorette party, birthday, or everyday life. As for whether or not you can actually bring these finely-crafted techniques off the fridge and into the bedroom, well, we’ll leave that up to you.

Two sheets of magnets, containing 168 magnets total.

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