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Halloweenies Candy SALE
Halloweenies Candy SALE
Halloweenies Candy SALE

Skulls & Boners Candy

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Skulls & Boners Candy is equal parts sexy and scary and makes a perfect treat for a halloween-themed bachelorette party or another party where you need candy skulls and dicks!

Hot Facts

  • Penis and Skull shaped candy
  • Variety of fruit flavors
  • 3 oz bag
  • Item Description

    So, you’re having a halloween-themed bachelorette party and you want it to be extra s~p~o~o~k~y, eh? Here’s some ideas:

    • Put a creepy halloween mask on the bride and give her a voice changer, so everyone will be wondering all night when the bride is showing up and who this horror movie character at her party is
    • Dye your toilet bowl water green and replace your toilet paper with leaves
    • Make the penis cake hyper realistic, and make fake blood shoot out and spray everywhere when you cut into it
    • Invite some big burly men that nobody there knows. Not even you.

    Okay, so those aren’t very good ideas. That last one could be downright dangerous. Don’t do that. What can we say? We’re bachelorette party planning experts, not halloween party planning experts. But we know one spooky thing that will be a huge hit for sure: Halloweenies Candy!

    This bag of tasty multicolored candy contains an excellent mix of skulls and dicks. It’s the perfect way to blend your standard bachelorette party candy with a little spooky halloween flair. Maybe it’s not “jump-out-of-your-pants” scary, but it sure is “jump-back-for-seconds” tasty!

    Net Weight 3 oz (85g).

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