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You'll love the taste of this hard, Succulent Penis Pop. Plan a naughty bachelorette party with help from the experts at Bachelorette.com.

Hot Facts

  • The Succulent Penis Pop
  • Three hard inches of flavor

Item Description

Titillate (penis-illate?) your taste buds with the sweet flavor of the Succulent Penis Pop. No bachelorette party is complete without all kinds of penis-shaped candy. And this is one of the best penis-shaped candies of them all. If there's such thing as a deluxe penis-shaped lollipop, this just might be it.

The Succulent Penis Pop is tasty and will last quite a while. It may not last as long as some all-day penis suckers out there, but we do not doubt that when you are finished with it, you will definitely be satisfied.

Pass out the Succulent Penis Pops at your own party or bring them out on the town. Penis Pops are a sure sign you're having a bachelorette party. Or that you're just really, really weird. Or both. Either way, everyone at the party will love them.

1 Succulent Penis Pop per package.

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