Super Fun Penis Candy Shaft

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The Super Fun Penis Candy Shaft might just be the most fun form of Super Fun Penis Candy we've ever sold!

Hot Facts

  • Five Colors of Candy
  • Container Doubles as Penis Wand
  • 2.75oz

  • Item Description

    So, you’ve been around the bachelorette party block once or twice, and you’ve seen your share of Super Fun Penis Candy. You’ve seen it in big bags, you’ve seen it in party packs, you’ve even seen it in a gumball machine. But have you seen it in the most super fun, most penis form of all?

    Introducing the Super Fun Penis Candy Shaft. Because the only thing better for a bachelorette party than a bunch of tiny candy penises, is a bunch of tiny candy penises inside the shaft of a larger penis. This wand-like tube has a big cartoony pink penis on the end that will be hilarious to duel your fellow party guests with - and its shaft is filled with a bunch of tasty treats for the winner, or loser, or everyone at the party!

    Candy comes in an assortment of five colors. Net Weight 2.75oz (78g).

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