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Hide Your Booze with Tampon Flasks SALE
Hide Your Booze with Tampon Flasks - One Flask Shown SALE
Hide Your Booze with Tampon Flasks - Five per Pack SALE

Tampon Flasks Are Great Secret Booze Containers!

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Tampon Flasks are a fun and sneaky way to hide your booze if you're trying to sneak it into a bar or other venue. is happy to provide one-of-a-kind drinking accessories like these.

Hot Facts

  • Tampon Flasks
  • Each flask holds a shot
  • Comes with 5 tubes and 5 covers

Item Description

There are so many fun places you could go for a bachelorette party - an amusement park, a play on Broadway, the zoo - but you probably didn’t even think of any of those ideas before now, did you? Do you want to know why? It’s because you can’t get wasted at any of those places. And a bachelorette party where you can’t get wasted kind of defeats the entire purpose, doesn’t it?

But worry not, and get ready for a whole new world of party possibilities to open up to you: now you can get wasted wherever you want thanks to an ingenious, foolproof booze smuggling method that only us women can get away with. I’m talking, of course, about Tampon Flasks.

Tampon Flasks are small leak-proof plastic tubes that each hold about one shot worth of liquid, and slide into wrappers that look exactly like Tampon wrappers. Just fill ‘em up, throw a couple of these in your bag, and waltz right into your venue of choice. Even if someone searches your bag for flasks or other contraband, there’s no way they’ll discover your secret. Especially if it’s a man going through your bag - you can be damn sure he’s not going to investigate your tampons further!

Comes with 5 plastic tubes and 5 sealable tampon-like wrappers.

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