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The Dick Belt SALE
The Dick Belt SALE
The Dick Belt SALE
The Dick Belt SALE
The Dick Belt SALE

The Dick Belt

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The Dick Belt is a hilarious gag gift for any bachelor party that fits almost any waist size and almost any sense of humor!

Hot Facts

  • 28" to 42"
  • 12" flop
  • Discreet
  • Item Description

    It’s no secret that bachelor parties can get pretty wild. Beer and whiskey flowing all night long. Raunchy jokes and dares to celebrate your friend’s last night of pre-marital freedom. Maybe even a stripper or two. And when a group of guys gets this rowdy, there’s usually only one inevitable conclusion: somebody’s probably going to whip their dick out.

    Those of us here at who are concerned for the health of your friendships are going to strongly advise you against that course of action. It might seem like a funny joke, but there are a lot of possible repercussions you should consider. Your friends might make fun of your dick. The strippers might sue you for harassment. Your friends might sue you for harassment. No matter what the groom-to-be’s sexuality is, we promise you, he’s not trying to get an eyeful of your dick at his bachelor party.

    So, when you feel the urge rising to release your bored boner from its penile pants-prison, we’ve got an alternative solution to your wound-up willy woes that will go over much, much better at the party. Just wear The Dick Belt instead.

    The Dick Belt looks like an ordinary, modest, fashionable gray belt, but it hides a big secret. And when we say big, we mean big. Like 12 inches big. See, that’s already more impressive than whatever you were planning on pulling out of your pants. Just untuck the special section of the belt from your belt loops and flop it on out for the world to see. We guarantee that everyone will think it’s hilarious and no one will sue you.

    The Dick Belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes of 28” to 42”, with a special flop-out section that’s 12” long.

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