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Wedding Ring Confetti

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Decorate the bachelorette party with Wedding Ring Confetti. Go to for all your party planning needs.

Hot Facts

  • Wedding Ring Confetti
  • Perfect for gifts, decorating and invitations

Item Description

The Sparkly Wedding Ring Confetti is the perfect table or gift box decoration for the sophisticated bachelorette. There are many types of raunchy confetti out there, shaped like penises and boobs and all sorts of low-brow things. The Wedding Ring Confetti is a great alternative for a more refined bachelorette party or for a bridal shower.

The Wedding Ring Confetti is also useful when you wish you could have some raunchy fun, but can't because the flower girl or mother of the bride will be in attendance. Or, if you've got a bachelorette who just wants to flaunt her ring and decorate the house with reminders of how great it is.

The Wedding Ring Confetti is a packet of bright magenta and shiny silver wedding rings. This confetti brightens dinner tables, gift boxes, invitations, cards... you name it! The possibilities of how to use this confetti are endless. The bachelorette will love the cosmopolitan look of this cute and sophisticated confetti.

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