Wild Penis Table Cover


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Only one thing can prevent messy spills and add some penile flair to your bachelorette party all at once, and that's the Wild Penis Table Cover!

Hot Facts

  • Prevents Spills and Looks Great
  • Covered in Penises
  • 54" x 84"

  • Item Description

    Going on a picnic? Be sure to remember everything you need. Let's see... Basket, check. Food, check. Bugspray, check. Penis-laden table cloth... check. What? Do you have a better idea of how to keep the ants away? I betcha they'll think twice before marching their way onto this thing.

    Okay, so maybe it's not the best ant-deterrent in the world, but this tablecloth is perfect for outdoor themed bachelorette parties. Actually, it's great for indoor affairs, too! It fits all your bachelorette party tablecloth needs. It's a practical solution if you want to keep your table from getting dirty or your food from touching the ground, and it's a super cute and fun decoration, too!

    Measuring 54 by 84 inches, this spread is big enough to sop up the mess of any blast. This cloth is decorated with a wide array of cartoon peckers with wild positions and goofy expressions, so be sure to prepare lots of phallic foods, to accentuate the mood.

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