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The Gimp Zipper Face Mask is a silly face mask for your epic bachelorette party. Get your face masks at

Hot Facts

  • Zipper Face Mask
  • A novelty face mask
  • A knitted jersey fabric

  • Item Description

     To be honest, we're not that savvy sometimes here at When we were taking pics of the Zipper Face Mask, we didn't really get it. Like, what kind of hood has a zipper over the mouth? Some kind of couture hoodie?

    Then it dawned on us. Yes, yes, the Zipper Face Mask proudly displays the zipper of a gimp mask.

    Maybe you've seen a gimp in a funny movie before. We hope that's the only movie you've seen a gimp in, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

    Whatever your intents and purposes, has got you covered! Stay safe with the Zipper Face Mask. Don't forget to buy one for each person at your party! 

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