To Ship Fully Inflated Blow Up Dolls, the world's largest bachelorette party store will soon offer shipping of full inflated party dolls.

pre-inflated blow up doll shipping

"Our customers have long complained about how much trouble it is to blow and blow and blow. Some customers even report that it gives them a tremendous headache. We want to help them." says company President Tom Nardone (on the left).

Certainly people want the convenience of a already blown up doll, but is it worth the bother? Certainly such a huge shipping box would be hard to conceal and expensive to ship. Some of the blow up dolls sold by are less than $15, and the charge for pre-inflated shipping is going to be $299.99, so it is a tough value proposition. remains rigid in their belief that this project should thrust forward. We are expecting great (market) penetration when this service is lauched. When will you be able to order a pre-inflated blow up doll?  As soon as everyone realizes it is April Fool's day.

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