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Long Realistic Penis Water Gun

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Play with the Penis Water Gun for a wet good time you won't soon forget. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at

Hot Facts

  • Penis Water Gun
  • A penis-inspired spin on the water gun
  • Perfect for the cowgirl or for any game

Item Description

This bachelorette party Penis Water Gun is good for all kinds of party rituals. What do we mean by party rituals, you ask? Here are some ideas.

You probably know that it is customary to give prizes to your guests who win your Bachelorette Party Games, but what do the losers get? Give 'em a good ol' squirt in the eye (of water, of course) with this Penis Water Gun!

Or you could go around squirting cute guys with it to liven up your party. Nothing gets a man's attention like being squirted by someone else's dick.

Another way you could use it is to fill it with alcohol and take turns squirting each other in the mouth. I mean, what? We would never dream of suggesting something like that. This is a water gun. For water. Yep.

The best part about this gun is that it stays 8 inches long even when it's wet! Talk about performance!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pool Party Perfection!

Never had so much fun being squirted in the face by a dick! Bought a bunch for the pool party and everyone was fighting over them :D Was a big wet dick party :)

We took this to the bar a

We took this to the bar and made a game of trying to secretly squirt guys in the face with it. A couple of them got pretty mad. I'm just thinking, hey, now you know how we feel, right? :P

we snuck up on the bride

we snuck up on the bride and gave her a money shot with this... LOL! we said it was the last time she ever has to get a penis anywhere near her face in her life, haha

I got a couple of these b

I got a couple of these but maybe I shouldn't have... some of the girls got a little too carried away... by the end of the night we were all wet! All the jokes we got to make about it were worth it, though. Including ones about being wet. ;)

So long and realistic loo

So long and realistic looking. Plan on putting lotion in it. Practical use cause it'll look gross and of course for moisturization if the bridal party needs it! Haha.

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