Billing Terms and Conditions takes a number of payment methods in our checkout.

American Express

Accurate Order Total Policy:
The entire price of your order will be calculated in the checkout. There are no surprises. The price you see upon checkout is what you will pay, never more.

Immediate Billing:
Your credit card will be billed at the time of checkout and our team will start packing your order immediately.

Gift Cards / Customer Accounts:
We do not currently offer gift cards, store rewards, or an account login.

Right to Cancel:
We do reserve the right to cancel an order if there is an error or omission on our part. An example of this would be if we made an error and mistakenly offered an item for sale for $0.10 instead of $10.00 and you ordered 20 of them. We would reserve the right to cancel your order in lieu of shipping it. We do not have the right to charge a different price than our checkout showed.

Right to fair substitution / updated merchandise:
From time to time products are updated by the manufacturer. These product changes may not be immediately reflected in the photography on our site. If you receive an updated item and you had your heart set on the older version, we will refund you if you are unhappy, but we cannot supply items that no longer exist.