Bachelorette Party Blow Up Dolls Ranked By Weirdness

Blow up dolls for bachelorette parties. Ranked by weirdness.
Image of Justin the Love Doll
Justin the Love Doll


The weirdest blow up doll we sell is easily "Justin" who is supposed to look like Justin Timberlake, but actually looks like Justin Weirdfeet.

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Image of GILF Blowup Doll
GILF Blowup Doll


This is a blow up Grandma doll complete with printed-on wrinkles and grey hair. If your friend is in a May-December marriage, maybe weird is good.

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Image of Cheap Date Male Blowup Doll
Cheap Date Male Blowup Doll


To make this doll affordable, they printed a face on a inflatable surface. It gives it a strange but fun look. Also, his six pack is a foot from his penis. World's longest gutters.

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Image of The Cheap Date Female Blowup Doll
The Cheap Date Female Blowup Doll


Do you want a female doll to keep your other doll company? Are you throwing a bachelor party? This doll is for you. At this price, it isn't pretty.

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Image of Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Busty
Cheap Date Blowup Doll - Busty


For $3.50 more than the regular cheap date doll you can get this one with giant blimp tits. Who doesn't like those?

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Image of Rico the Love Doll
Rico the Love Doll


The Justin Doll has a cousin, his name is Rico and he has better printing for his chest hair. He also has a better wig, 5o'clock shadow, and darker skin.

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