Check out our sister sites, &

Check out our sister sites, &

Did you know ... we also run and

It's true! The same folks who brought you also run the webstores and We have one big warehouse near Detroit, MI, where our small staff of employees pick the best products for you to shop.

At, we carry only the finest vibrators on the market. We have narrowed the market from 15,000 toys to 600 of the best vibrators. This makes shopping for the perfect vibrator easy and fast. We invite you to take a look, and grab one of our favorite vibratorswe offer free shipping on every order, every day!

Explore our favorite vibrators at!


Throwing a party for an aging friend? Check out our hilarious gifts at sells birthday party supplies for adults. Whether is a 40th birthday party or a 50th birthday event, we've got the silly and fun stuff you want. works hard to find the right items for you. We sample and analyze all of the over-the-hill products we can find. We carry items that we can be proud of, and that you'll love!

Free shipping is our gift to you! Use the code BACHFRIEND for free shipping on your first order at

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