Freaky Friday - Bachelorette Party Voodoo Kits

Let's Do VooDoo

Sometimes you just gotta summon the dark arts
Image of The New Husband VooDoo Doll
The New Husband VooDoo Doll


Do you want your new husband to say nice things? Make dinner? Help clean the house? We aren't saying you need to do some dark dealings to make these things happen, but why not try?

See This Cute Little Guy Here
Image of The Penis VooDoo Doll
The Penis VooDoo Doll


This Voodoo doll isn't as friendly. Maybe you ahve an ex and you still hold a grudge? Well you can get him where it counts. Crabs, Itching, Dysfunction, and Testicular Pain can all be wished for at the prick of a dick.

Get Even With This One
Image of Voodoo You Love? Kit
Voodoo You Love? Kit


This Voodoo kit has a review: It got me my boyfriend back, but he sorta sucks, so 3 stars!

Be Careful What You Wish For...

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