Here are some Bachelorette Party Supplies for Winter

Here are some Bachelorette Party Supplies for Winter
Cold months aren't typically when bachelorette parties happen, but when they do, don't worry. We have plenty of fun things you can use. Winter months are great for chocolate penis candies for example. In the summer they always melt and go limp, while in winter they remain turgid.
penis cake pan
It is cold outside, warm up your house by baking a cake. Our penis cake pan makes the perfect bachelorette party cake
chocolate penis lollipop
Chocolate penises aren't available year round. In the warmer months we can't ship them to much of the USA because they will melt in shipment. Winter is the perfect time to bite into a real chocolate member. Click here to see every chcolate item we sell. 
penis pasta macaroni and cheese
In the summer you can serve cold snacks for a bachelorette party, you might even have an ice sculpture. In the winter though, serve something warm, like this penis-shaped macaroni and cheese. It's the perfect penis pasta. 

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