Product of the Week: Elastic Pecker Hair Band

Elastic Penis Hair Band

Here at, we’ve been selling the best Bachelorette Party supplies and accessories for almost 20 years. Our team of experts comb through the thousands and thousands of bachelorette party products on the market and pick only the best to sell here, to make sure you are equipped as best as you can be to throw the best party possible. But we don’t just want to sell you stuff -- our party planning experts are also proud to provide their professional recommendations, tips, and advice to help you make your party truly stand out. In our blog, we’ll be showcasing a different product or set of products each week that we think will really make your party pop.

We sell tons of headwear shaped like penises, because we think that embarrassing the bride-to-be is one of the crucial missions of a good bachelorette party. But different brides have different levels of embarrassment tolerance. While some girls might be totally fine wearing a veil chock-full of light up dicks or a pair of big swanging cocks bouncing around on a headband, others might only be willing to wear something a little more subtle. Enter the Elastic Pecker Hairband.

The Elastic Pecker Hairband is a one-size-fits-all bright pink elastic hair tie with a goofy plastic penis attached to it. Just tie her hair up with this, and ta-da, subtle penis adornment mission accomplished. The penis is also slinky-like, so it can stretch out from its initial 2.5 inches all the way to 3 feet long. And we guarantee that your party guests will have some funny jokes to make about that.

You can buy the Elastic Pecker Hairband here.

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