Product of the Week: Jumbo Rainbow Pecker Candle

Jumbo Rainbow Penis Candle

Here at, we’ve been selling the best Bachelorette Party supplies and accessories for almost 20 years. Our team of experts comb through the thousands and thousands of bachelorette party products on the market and pick only the best to sell here, to make sure you are equipped as best as you can be to throw the best party possible. But we don’t just want to sell you stuff -- our party planning experts are also proud to provide their professional recommendations, tips, and advice to help you make your party truly stand out. In our blog, we’ll be showcasing a different product or set of products each week that we think will really make your party pop.

This week, we present to you, the best smelling penis you’ve ever seen: the Jumbo Rainbow Pecker Candle! It’s also probably the most colorful penis you’ve ever seen - at least we certainly hope so! This veiny textured phallus stands 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the balls, and is molded in a rainbow of 6 colors.

So, why would you want a giant rainbow penis that you can light on fire? Personally, we think that question sort of answers yourself. But also, if you’re looking to add a little ambience to your bachelorette party, the Jumbo Rainbow Pecker Candle is the perfect way to do it. We recommend placing near enough the door that its scent will waft that way and it will provide some illumination, but around a corner or behind something so they can’t immediately see it. When your guests walk in, they’ll smell the lovely scent and see the flickering candlelight, and they’ll think, oh, what a classy affair we’ve been invited to. But then when they see the actual source of the light and scent: WHAM! Giant penis right in their face. They’ll know immediately what kind of party this really is.

You can buy the Jumbo Rainbow Pecker Candle here.

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