Product of the Week: Pecker Beach Towel

Product of the Week: Pecker Beach Towel

Here at, we’ve been selling the best Bachelorette Party supplies and accessories for almost 20 years. Our team of experts comb through the thousands and thousands of bachelorette party products on the market and pick only the best to sell here, to make sure you are equipped as best as you can be to throw the best party possible. But we don’t just want to sell you stuff -- our party planning experts are also proud to provide their professional recommendations, tips, and advice to help you make your party truly stand out. In our blog, we’ll be showcasing a different product or set of products each week that we think will really make your party pop.

Summer is finally here, and if you didn’t know, that means it’s peak bachelorette party and bachelor party season. Nicer weather means more weddings, and more weddings means more bachelor and bachelorette parties! So, for a couple of months, we’re going to be focusing on some of our favorite items for a summertime bachelor or bachelorette party - party favors and accessories that are perfect for a beach party, pool party, or other outdoor party!

This week, we’re looking at the Pecker Beach Towel. Take one look at this hilarious gag gift and it should speak for itself. This makes a hilarious fashion statement for either a bachelor or bachelorette party on the beach, especially if you can trick the bride or groom into using it without revealing what’s on it first. Just be careful about wearing it on a public beach where there might be families with children present!

You can buy the Pecker Beach Towel here.

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