Terrible Vibes from Bachelorette.com

Terrible (but funny) Vibes

Image of Better (than a) Finger Vibe
Better (than a) Finger Vibe
We can't think of a dumber gag gift than a vibrator that is named after candy. This is called the Better (than a) Finger, which is definitely true.
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Image of Sweetish Dick - Silly Gift Vibrator
Sweetish Dick - Silly Gift Vibrator
Ha! This teal wonder is called the Sweetish Dick. Sorta like swedish fish and sorta like a sweeter version of an actual dick. Definitely a fun gift.
See It Here At Bachelorette.com

Are these great vibrators? No. You can find those over at Vibrators.com. They are real vibrators though. I mean, who would sell someone a fake vibrator? Doing something like that should be illegal. Put a AA battery in these things and the party will be buzzing. 

Bachelorette.com has some wild items, and these ones are really customer pleasers. Your party guests will have a great time watching the bride's face when she opens this gift up.

Visit Bachelorette.com, even if just for fun.

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