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Boobie Straws SALE
Boobie Straws SALE

Boobie Straws

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Boobie Straws make drinking any beverage at a bachelor party a lot more exciting, especially if it's an alcoholic beverage!

Hot Facts

  • Naughty and Hilarious
  • Realistic Color
  • Six per Pack
  • Item Description

    Here’s a quiz for you, guys: which is more manly - drinking a drink like beer or scotch that doesn’t require a straw, or drinking a mixed drink through a straw with boobs on it?

    Trick question. Both beverages and boobs have literally nothing to do with manliness. Stop believing everything superbowl commercials tell you. But, hey, if you want to cling to your old-fashioned notions of masculinity, you’re probably going to want to drink that extra-dry scotch through a boob straw, just in case.

    No matter what you’re drinking, boob straws make a great addition to any bachelor party. They make a great icebreaker for the guests, gag gift for the groom to be, or both!

    6 straws per pack.

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