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Breast Cake Pan

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If you are planning a bachelor party of a Jack and Jill party you might want to buy this booby cake pan to make a boob cake for the guys.

Hot Facts

  • A breast-shaped cake pan
  • Great for bachelor parties

Item Description

If you are planning a bachelor party or a Jack and Jill Party, you might want to buy the Booby Cake Pan to make a boobs-shaped cake for the guys. That would only be fair, after all. If the girls get to oggle and eat up a big chocolate penis, the guys should get a nice pair of boobies to enjoy.

This cake pan is approximately the same size as our Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan. That means it's big enough that everybody can get a piece of this tasty and voluptuous treat, but it's not too big for any mouth or pair of hands to handle.

One-half box of cake mix is the perfect size to use with the Booby Cake Pan. You can frost your cake with butterscotch frosting and place cherries in the center of each boob to make it look extra realistic. The dudes will totally love it.

This cake pan is 10 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches deep. I guess that makes it about a C-cup. You know, in case you were planning on going out to buy a bra for your cake to wear. You wouldn't want it to start drooping, after all.


Customer Reviews

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this cake was big perky a

this cake was big perky and firm. almost as good as the real thing lmao

Butterscotch frosting? I

Butterscotch frosting? I don't know about that. Just use vanilla with some red and yellow food coloring if you want it to look realistic and still taste good. Or how about chocolate, where's the love for some dark-skinned boobies? Or vanilla with yellow food coloring for asian? I'm a guy who likes all kinds of boobies, and that means all kinds of boobie cakes, too! If you're gonna make this cake, you gotta get creative with the frosting and make it realistic. Trust me, everybody eating it will thank you. No dude wants to put any weird-colored boobies in his mouth... or any lumpy ones, so no funfetti! Just thought I'd give you these tips. You can call me the boobie cake expert. 8)

I baked this for my buddy

I baked this for my buddy's bachelor party (yeah, I'm a guy who's not afraid to say he bakes!) and all the guys thought it was hilarious. Kudos to for having stuff like this for dudes too, this is the cheapest I found a boob-shaped cake pan all over the web.

I found this recipe for s

I found this recipe for skin-colored frosting online and I just thought it might be helpful:"The best method for flesh color I've found is to use Wilton's Copper Icing Color- just a drop makes a perfect flesh tone. But if you are in a rush and have to use regular food coloring mix 8 drops of yellow, 6 drops of red and 2 drops of green. Mix these together separate from the frosting. Then add coloring mixture a few drops at a time to the frosting until you get your perfect flesh color."Because every good boob cake should look like real boobs!

This pan is perfect! My b

This pan is perfect! My breast-shaped cakes come out right every time!

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