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Penis Pasta - Penis Shaped Pasta SALE
Penis Pasta - Penis Shaped Pasta SALE
Penis Pasta - Penis Shaped Pasta - 8.8 Ounces SALE
Penis Pasta Ingredients and Directions SALE
Penis Pasta - Penis Shaped Pasta - Lots of Penis Noodles SALE

Penis Shaped Pasta

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Surprise and delight your guests when you serve them a gourmet Italian dish with Penis Pasta. Buy Penis Pasta from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."

Hot Facts

  • Penis Pasta
  • Made from Durum Wheat
  • 8.8 ounces per box

Item Description

Penis Pasta is a really fun and unique thing to have at a bachelorette party. If you're looking for something that will really wow your guests, look no further. Anybody can get penis candy or make a penis cake or penis jello shots. But it takes a true phallo-culinary genius to prepare penis pasta for her guests.

Be aware that one box contains 8.8 ounces of pasta, while most boxes of pasta at the super market are 1 pound. If you are planning to make Penis Pasta Salad or another penis pasta dish, we suggest using two boxes of this pecker pasta for any recipe that calls for one box of regular pasta.

This pasta may seem a little expensive, but it used to be almost double the price. We can't figure out why it costs so much money to form pasta into penis shapes. Maybe it's because of all the settlements from fuddy-duddies trying to sue them for making something so aweso—I mean, obscene. Regardless, we think it's well worth the price.



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