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The Cocktail Cup SALE

The Cocktail Penis-Shaped Cup

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Drink your cocktail out of a big pink cock with the Cocktail Cup! Features a wacky bendy straw and screw-off lid.

Hot Facts

  • The Cocktail Cup
  • Comes with a bendy straw
  • Holds 20 ounces

Item Description

Have you ever wondered why a cocktail is called a cocktail? So did we, so we did a little research, and we were pretty disappointed by the results. Nobody really seems to know, but there are all kinds of theories: a reference to the liquor being diluted with mixers, an old style of ale brewed with rooster guts, even something about suppositories for horses.

Well, we’ve got a better theory: it’s called a cocktail because you’re supposed to drink it out of a big plastic cock!

And this cocktail penis cup is perfect for that! It’s seven inches tall, bright pink, and most importantly penis shaped, complete with sculpted balls. The shape may be a bit chode-y, as far as penises are concerned, but that also makes it perfect for shaking the drink up to mix it in your glass. Of course, it’s also a great container for beer, wine, or any other beverage of your choice! It even comes with a bendy straw to drink it through, because nothing is classier than a bendy straw shooting out the top of a penis.

The Cocktail Penis Cup is 7 inches tall (11.5 including the straw) and holds up to 20 ounces of liquid.

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