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Glitter Penis Confetti SALE
Glitter Penis Confetti SALE

Glitter Penis Confetti

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The Glitter Penis Bachelorette Party Confetti features metallic gold, silver, and rose gold penises for your party pleasure. Plan the perfect party at

Hot Facts

  • Glitter Penis Confetti
  • About 100 pieces
  • Sprinkle in gift bags, cards, on tables
  • Item Description

    What better way to celebrate the bachelorette than covering everything at the party in beautiful, classy penises? There's a rule entailing that at the best bachelorette parties, there must be at least 8 penis shapes per square foot. Glitter Penis Confetti will help you meet this important requirement, every time! ;) 

    This confetti matches the Glitter Penis line of products, and sparkles in metallic gold, silver, and pink. 

    If you love this bachelorette party confetti and are looking to decorate your bachelorette party with all the glitter penis items, we've got you covered. We carry matching napkins, plates, confetti balloons, straws, and a gift bag too!

    About 100 penises.




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