Pink Penis Gift Bag

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Wrap your gag gifts and other bachelorette party presents in style with the pink penis gift bag - sure to make her laugh at least as much as whatever's inside it!

Hot Facts

  • Penis shaped gift bag
  • Pink feather fringe
  • 1 foot tall

  • Item Description

    You’ve got the perfect gift picked out for the bride-to-be. Maybe it’s a bottle of her favorite wine. Maybe it’s a personalized memento that you made yourself to show how happy you are for her. Maybe it’s a pair of fundies or a new husband voodoo doll or something else from our gag gifts section. Whatever it is, oh em gee, she’s going to love it. And with such a special gift for such a special occasion, you can’t just give it to her in any old bag or box. You need a gift bag that’s as wild and wonderful as the gift inside is.

    And what could be more wonderful than a bright pink penis with a shiny glittery head and feathery pink pubic hair? Seriously, with a bag like this, there is no way your present won’t stand out among all the others. Unless everyone put their present in a shiny penis gift bag. Which would actually be pretty damn funny. Maybe you should coordinate with the other guests to make that happen?

    The Pink Penis Gift Bag measures 1 foot tall and 4.5 inches wide.

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