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Rainbow Penis Boppers SALE
Rainbow Penis Boppers SALE
Rainbow Penis Boppers SALE
Rainbow Penis Boppers SALE

Rainbow Penis Boppers

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Rainbow Penis Boppers are the perfect fashion accessory for any bachelorette party or gay bachelor party - look at those cute rainbow dicks!

Hot Facts

  • Fuzzy Rainbow Headband
  • Two Bouncing Dicks
  • One Size Fits All
  • Item Description

    What do your bachelorette party, a Pride festival, and a Lady Gaga concert have in common? Nobody is going to bat an eye at somebody wandering around with a pair of springy rainbow dicks bouncing on their head. We’re not actually sure if a Lady Gaga show has ever featured people with rainbow dicks bouncing on their head, but if not, they should. You could learn a thing or two from us, Miss Gaga.

    So, if you want your bachelorette party to be as outrageous, possibly even MORE outrageous than a Lady Gaga concert, you know what you need to do. Get each of the guests a pair of these Rainbow Penis Boppers and let them work their rainbow penis magic. These one-size-fits-all headbands are lined with vibrantly colorful rainbow fur and adorned with a pair of pecker-topped springs that will bounce as the wearer walks around. They’re the perfect accessory for a big night out on the town - if you want the whole town to do a double take when your party walks by!

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