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Stress Boobs

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What's better than a stress ball? A stress boob. And what's better than a stress boob? A pair of stress boobs, perfect for the bachelor!

Hot Facts

  • Squishy and Durable
  • Complete with Nipple
  • 2 per pack
  • Item Description

    Fellas, you might know your bros, but we’ve been catering to bachelor parties for a long time, and we know a thing or two about bachelors. And if there’s two things we know about every bachelor, it’s that:

    1. He’s more stressed than he’s letting on about the wedding
    2. He looooves him some titties

    So, if you want to help him alleviate some of that stress, you should do it with something he loves. Of course, if you get him a pair of actual titties to fondle, that could possibly lead to a whooole lot more stress if the bride-to-be finds out. So we think you should play it on the safe side with a pair of boobs that’s guaranteed to relieve his stress - because they’re literally stress balls!

    Stress Boobs are a pair of squishy, bouncy, squeezable rubber boobies. They make an excellent gag gift for the bachelor, or a party favor for all the guests. Because everybody gets stressed sometimes. And the only thing better for relieving stress than a stress ball is two stress balls, and the only thing better than that is if the stress balls are shaped like the most calming shape in the world: a fantastic pair of tits.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jim M.
    Stress relief

    My best man bought me these as a joke. I found myself squeezing on these while waiting for the wedding to start.


    My husband is always stressed out. Laughed his butt off when I gave these to him. So I guessed they worked? Bought to give him the real tonight. XX Thanks, love your site.

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