Super Fun Penis Balloons

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Super Fun Penis Balloons are a pack of multicolored balloons decorated with giant images of penises that will be a hit at any bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Many Colors of Balloons
  • Giant Penis Design
  • 8 Balloons per Pack

  • Item Description

    You might be asking yourself, “What makes a balloon super fun?” Balloons are pretty fun to begin with, but what could possibly elevate them to the next level? (Besides helium, ha ha.) Well, we’ll give you a hint: it’s penises. Biiiig ol’ honkin penises, smack dab in the middle of the balloon. Can you picture that? Now you’re starting to understand what’s so fun about them, right?

    These balloons come in a variety of colors and feature a big penis design right in the center of them, and if that isn’t superfun, I don’t know what is. 8 balloons per pack.

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