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I Love Dicks Pin SALE

I Love Dicks Pin

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The I Love Dick Pin is an award for the bachelorette who loves dick! Get one or more of these hilariously realistic buttons at

Hot Facts

  • The I Love Dick Pin
  • Covered in different dicks
  • Sticks on with 3M tape
  • Item Description

    Nothing says I Love Dick, like a pin, that literally says, "I love dick."

    What we love about this pin: it features a variety of penises that give you just a taste of the world's billions of dicks. Inclusive of skin colors, circumcisions, uncut dicks, and ball sack lengths, the I Love Dick Pin strives to make the world a better place.

    The I Love Dick Pin is wonderfully cute, and features drastically too much pubic hair, if we dare say so. Get one for the bachelorette or any of your party guests who love dick. This "pin" sticks on with strong 3M tape.

    This is a large pin, with dimensions of about 8 x 5 inches.




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