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Same Penis Forever Sash SALE
Same Penis Forever Sash SALE

Same Penis Forever Sash

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The Same Penis Forever Sash is a cute and hilarious bachelorette party sash that your bachelorette will love - until she considers the implications!

Hot Facts

  • 6 Feet Long
  • Adjustable, One Size Fits Most
  • Safety Pin Included
  • Item Description

    Gee, just look at how beautiful the bride-to-be looks in all her bachelorette attire, and how happy she is to be getting married. Maybe it’s time to knock her down a peg, and remind her that marriage has some downsides, too. Here, give her this sash. With its elegant black background and beautiful glittery pink lettering and sequins, she’ll surely put it on without even reading it. Only after she’s wearing it will she look down, see what it says, and realize with abject horror the truth to which it speaks: Same. Penis. Forever.

    Of course, hopefully she already knew that that’s what she was signing up for, but if not, this sash should help afford her some time for contemplative reflection before the big day! Whether she likes it or not, this hilarious gag gift sash is sure to be a great conversation starter at the bachelorette party.

    Sash measures 6 feet long and is adjustable to fit most wearers.

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