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Get Me Drunk! Sash Laid Out SALE
Get Me Drunk! Sash on a Manikin SALE

Get Me Drunk! Sash

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This sash is straightforward and tells you exactly what the bachelorette wants so that she doesn't have to. When you see this, you better start pouring the shots!

Hot Facts

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Black with Blue Lettering
  • Goes with Any Outfit
  • Item Description

    If you ask us, most bachelorette party sashes are too coy. We’ve seen it all: “Girl’s Night Out,” “Last Night of Freedom,” “Bachelorette Party Outta Control”... all these coded messages hiding your true intent for the night. Everyone knows what you’re REALLY trying to say, so you might as well come right out and shout it from the rooftops:


    Doesn’t it feel better to get that off your chest? Or, well, on your chest, as the case may be. With this sash and its striking blue-on-black lettering, you won’t have to say a thing, because your outfit will do the talking for you. Just take one step into the bar or club and the guys will be lining up to comply with your sash’s demands. Well, until they find out what the occasion for your celebration is. Good thing the sash doesn’t say “Get Me Drunk Because I’m Getting Married.” That would probably be pretty hard to fit on a sash anyways.

    One size fits most.

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