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Furry Handcuffs - Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Comes with Keys SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Red and Fuzzy SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Close Up SALE
Red Furry Handcuffs in Package SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Furry Handcuffs - Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

The Furry Handcuffs

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The Furry Handcuffs make a great gag gift. Give them to your bachelorette to symbolize her new union. Buy the Furry Handcuffs at

Hot Facts

  • Furry Handcuffs
  • Assorted colors
  • Fun gift

Item Description

Furry Handcuffs might seem like a weird item for a bachelorette party store to sell, but we can think of a couple reasons why someone planning a bachelorette party might want to buy these handcuffs.

For one thing, maybe you want to get them for yourself, or as a gift for the bachelorette or someone else at the party. These Fuzzy Handcuffs are a very hot little toy for you and your lover to play with. They snap to size to maximize the fantasy, while the velvet soft red fur around the wrist bands make sure that you get to fully enjoy yourself. Watch your lover go crazy, seeing you restrained and victim to their will. Maybe they'll get off of the couch more often. The Furry Handcuffs also come complete with two keys. This way, if you don't happen to know your lover all that well yet, you can give one to them and keep one nearby. So your experience will not only be a rowdy good time, but a safe one, too. Rev up your night, and give them something to remember.

Or you can even use these cuffs as a great party favor. You could give them to the girls to take home to use in the aforementioned way, or you could give them out at the start of the night and use them during the party. Picture your entire Bachelorette Party crew, running around from bar to bar, linked together in a long line by these cute little furry cuffs. The pictures alone would be worth it. (You could take them using the Bachelorette Party Camera). Especially the one of you all doing shots at the same time. You could take the party out on the dance floor and conquer it, then lead a dance train around the entire bar. No one would ever be able to forget that night out. Get wild and have fun.

You could also use them as decorations for the party, put them in a pinata, make them prizes for party games... the list of possible uses goes on and on and on. See, it's not a weird item for us to have, after all!

These handcuffs come in a variety of different colors, and you will receive a random color with your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Before the party started

Before the party started we handcuffed every girl to the radiator to remind them to behave so they didn't get arrested and have to wear real handcuffs. We also had them do a shot while they were handcuffed there. In retrospect, that may have been a bit counterproductive.

I got these as a gag gift

I got these as a gag gift for the bachelorette... but now that I think about it she might actually use them with her husband... well then its a gift thats funny and practical!

We bought a set for each

We bought a set for each bridesmaid so they could handcuff themselves to the guys they wanted to go home with. Except by the end of the night, one girl was handcuffed to the bar because she was too drunk to drive, two girls were handcuffed together and lost their keys, the bachelorette stole someone's handcuffs and used them on a guy, and there was more that I can't even say... it was a crazy night and didn't turn out anywhere near how I expected. Definitely don't regret buying these handcuffs though. -handcuff girl

Great item

I was hopinh to get the pink ones in the picture, but I got purple ones, which worked out fine! We kept handcuffing our bachelorette to random guys on the dance floor. We're bad friends.


We chained our bachelorette to a chair with the furry cuffs we ordered. Then we unleashed the stripper and she couldn't get away! We had lots of fun.

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