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Erotic Tattoos for your Bachelorette Party

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These temporary Erotic Tattoos are a much, much better idea than drunkenly getting permanent tattoos at your bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • More than a dozen tattoos
  • Fun and raunchy
  • One sheet per pack

Item Description

Be forewarned: the bachelorette is going to have some pretty wild ideas about what to do during her bachelorette party. It’s her last big night of freedom, after all; she may have a few bucket list items she wants to cross off first. And one of those might be getting some poorly-thought-out matching tattoos with her best friends while you’re all intoxicated. To her, it sounds like the perfect plan: after the bars let out, you just go to the 24-hour tattoo shop and get matching tramp stamps and cement your friendship forever. But if you’re generally the more rational (and/or more sober) friend, you might have some concerns about that idea, and even more concerns about the fact that you don’t know how to get her mind off of it.

Fortunately, has you covered with a counter-plan you can have at the ready: trashy temporary tattoos. Really trashy temporary tattoos. Tattoos that you apply above your ladybits with arrows pointing downward that say things like “Cock Pit” and “Fuck Me.” The sort of tattoos that would instantly fill a freshly-sober person with regret and have them swearing an oath never to drink again - if they were permanent, that is.

But how will you get her to agree that these are a good substitute for a trip to the tattoo parlor? Simple. If she’s drunk enough to think matching tramp stamps are a good idea, she’ll be drunk enough that you can convince her these temporary tattoos are permanent, just a few minutes after you apply them. She’ll be content, and you’ll be safe from the threat of a bejeweled butterfly above your booty. And in the morning, when she’s freaking out about her foolish decision, you’ll get a great laugh while you decide when to tell her it’s really temporary. Now there’s a plan that should be easy to stick to.

One sheet per package.



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Should be cute but kinda lame
These could be cute

These could be cute but they are kind of mid. They don't look good and some of the sayings are dumb.

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