Stick a Dick - Hunk Edition

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Stick a Dick is a grown-up version of pin the tail on the donkey that's perfect for bachelorette parties! The hunk edition features a sexy white guy on the poster and white penises.

Hot Facts

  • Sexy white guy on the poster
  • Head can be cut out to insert the groom's
  • 13 Reusable Penis Stickers

  • Item Description

    If you’ve spent any time at all shopping for a bachelorette party, you’ve probably noticed that “adult pin the tail on the donkey” type games, like the classic Pin the Macho on the Man and its many descendants, are quite popular. Thanks to these games, pinning a dick on a hunky naked stranger is even easier than getting a guy’s attention when you’re wearing a low-cut top.

    But every woman has different tastes, and not everyone is looking to pin a dick on a male model / porn star-type. Maybe everyone thinks it would be fun to pin a dick on the groom (with the bride’s permission, of course!) or one of his groomsmen. Or maybe there’s a cute guy at the bar who looks ripe for the dick-pinning. Well, that’s where the Stick a Dick game comes in.

    Stick a Dick is the next evolution in dick-pinning games. Like other games of its type, it includes a poster depicting a sexy naked man with a bullseye for his nether regions. It also comes with a blindfold and twelve cartoon pecker cutouts, and players take turns trying to nail that willy in just the right spot. But what makes Stick a Dick unique is: the poster is designed so that the hunk’s head can be easily removed, leaving a space to fill in with the head of a real live volunteer. Yes, that’s right: no longer will you be forced to stick the dick on PornBod McPornFace. Now you can stick the dick on any guy you can convince to let you. And let’s be real, that shouldn’t be too hard - what guy would say no to a group of girls playing around with his willies?

    Stick a Dick comes with a glossy poster with removable face, 12 reusable willy stickers, an eye mask, and a special prize sticker for the winner. The Hunk edition features a white man on the poster and white penis cutouts. For a black guy, check out the Stud edition here.

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