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The raunchy version of "What the F*ck?" is a game like none other. "What the Fu*k?" specializes in questions no sane person should ever take under consideration.

Hot Facts

  • A great bachelorette party game
  • See how raunchy your guests can get!

Item Description

Prepare to delve into the inane and unknown with "What The F*ck?". One of the only games on the planet that dares to ask your feelings about straddling a six foot cactus naked.

You can play to win. You can play to lose. Or, you can just play and get drunk. You will have fun either way. The Raunchy version of the "What the F*ck?" game is sure to have you and your friends speaking the Queen's English.

What The Fuck can be played by as few as two or as many as one hundred. It is a fun game for any adult gathering.

This game comes with 400 questions, two books, dice, game coins, and a glossary for all your innocent friends.

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