Who's the Biggest Pervert Game


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The Who Is the Biggest Pervert Card Game is one of our most fun, raunchy bachelorette party games. You can play it at any party, anywhere!

Hot Facts

  • Who Is the Biggest Pervert Card Game
  • Answer naughty questions and drink if you've done it

Item Description

Have you ever talked dirty to yourself while masturbating? "Have you ever used someone else's name during a one-night stand?" These are just two of the burning questions you'll ask yourself and your friends when you play the Who Is the Biggest Pervert Card Game.

This popular adult party game is now a drinking game! Players answer questions about the naughty things they've done in order to determine who is the biggest pervert. Players take turns asking the group questions. Anyone who has done the perverse act admits it by taking a drink. If no one drinks, the player drawing the card drinks double! Players can easily enter and exit the game, making this a great party game for rollicking parties.

The girls at your bachelorette party will love this wild game. You can play with 2 - 100 players. The game includes 107 game cards and 1 rule card.

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