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Boobie Beer Pong SALE
Boobie Beer Pong SALE
Boobie Beer Pong SALE
Boobie Beer Pong SALE

Boobie Beer Pong

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Boobie Beer Pong combines every bachelor's favorite things - boobies and beer pong - to make a fun game the guys are sure to remember!

Hot Facts

  • 20 16oz Cups
  • 4 Boobie Pong Balls
  • Tons of Fun
  • Item Description

    It’s time to face the facts: you and your bros are getting older. Hell, one is even getting married soon! You never thought you’d see the day that the guy you all called “pussy slayer” in college would be settling down with a nice mild-mannered accountant lady, but here you are. You’re happy for him, but it’s still a shame, somehow. It makes you yearn for the glory days, when all you had on your mind was beer pong, barely passing classes, and getting laid every weekend.

    Well, unfortunately we can’t bring back your long-lost sexual prowess, and how you did in those classes you mostly slept through has long since set you on your course for life. But there is one way that we can help you rewind time: by bringing back everybody’s favorite pastime from those college days; the classic, the one, the only, Beer Pong.

    But you’re adults now, with jobs and everything. Surely you can do better than those cheap red solo cups and musty half-broken ping pong balls you found underneath a couch from god knows how long ago? Damn right you can. For his bachelor party, he deserves a Beer Pong game for real men: Boobie Beer Pong.

    Boobie Beer Pong comes with 20 durable 16oz plastic cups and four ping pong balls. But not just any ping pong balls - these ones are colored and designed to look like the one thing you all love even more than getting drunk with your bros: some nice round boobs. It’s a fun game to play with your bros any time, but especially at a bachelor party, where you can remind the groom-to-be that these might be the last boobs he ever sees that aren’t his wife’s. But hey, at least she’s got a great personality.

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