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Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss SALE
Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss SALE
Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss SALE
Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss SALE

Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss

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Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss is a colorful and funny take on the classic ring toss game that's ideal for bachelorette parties or gay bachelor parties!

Hot Facts

  • Sturdy PVC Design
  • Brightly Rainbow Colored
  • Six Rings and One Dick
  • Item Description

    Playing the ring toss game has always been fun at any kind of party. But playing ring toss is just a little bit more fun at a bachelorette party. Why? We think it has something to do with the unique shape of the thing you’re tossing the rings onto.

    Penis Ring Tosses have always been a very popular bachelorette party game on our website, and we’re glad that one is now available in rainbow colors. Because who doesn’t like rainbow colors? Whether you’re throwing a gay bachelor party, a bachelorette party for a bride who loves to dress vibrantly, or you just want a game to match all the other rainbow accessories and decorations on this site, the Rainbow Pecker Ring Toss is perfect.

    You can place this penis ring toss game on the floor or on the table. Or pretty much anywhere else you can imagine - just make sure it’s somewhere relatively easy to toss rings onto. So, the top shelf of the bookcase in your study probably isn’t the best idea. Unless the second bachelorette party game you have planned is “who can put the books back on the shelf the fastest?” Which, honestly, sounds kind of lame. You should stick with the ring toss.

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