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What the F*ck? Filthy Questions Game

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What the F*ck? is a game about asking each other f*'d up questions. This version presents the filthiest questions ever put in a party game!

Hot Facts

  • 480 questions
  • Any number of players
  • Pencils and notepad included
  • Item Description

    What The F*ck? is a hilarious bachelorette party drinking game that challenges you and your friends to come up with the filthiest answers you can think of for the filthiest questions you’ve ever heard.

    Players take turns asking insane questions like “Whose titties would you least like to motorboat?” and “What is more troubling to find in your anus than a bleeding infected hemorrhoid?” Then, each other player writes down the filthiest and most f*cked up answer they can think of and turn them in. Whoever’s answer is chosen as the best wins a point - and, if you want to turn it into a drinking game, a drink! Which you’re probably going to need in order to handle the truly disgusting things you’ll be hearing your friends say.

    The What The F*ck Game comes with:

    • 480 What The F*ck? Questions
    • 100-page notepad
    • 8 Pencils
    • 1 die
    • Instructions

    Customer Reviews

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    Prepare to laugh until you cry! This is now my go to drinking game with my friends. We positively LOVE it!

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