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The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE
The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE
The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE
The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE
The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE
The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE
The "Toy Cop" Doll SALE

The Toy Cop Doll

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We hope that the cops don't bust up your bachelorette party, but if they do, maybe it could be The Toy Cop doll.

Hot Facts

  • The Toy Cop Doll
  • A full-size inflatable doll
  • Features an inflated penis

Item Description

The Toy Cop Doll by HOTT Products is a playful and entertaining addition to any bachelorette party, sure to add laughter and excitement to the celebration. Here are several ways it could be used to make the party more fun:

  1. Surprise Guest: Introduce the Toy Cop Doll as a surprise guest at the party, perhaps brought in by one of the bridesmaids or hidden until the perfect moment. Its unexpected arrival will generate instant laughter and serve as a hilarious icebreaker for the festivities.

  2. Party Games: Incorporate the Toy Cop Doll into party games or activities to liven up the atmosphere. Guests can compete in challenges or dares involving the doll, such as a scavenger hunt to find hidden items or a game of charades where they act out scenes featuring the doll.

  3. Photo Booth Prop: Set up a photo booth area and include the Toy Cop Doll as a fun prop for guests to pose with. They can take amusing photos with the doll, capturing silly and memorable moments that will serve as cherished mementos of the bachelorette party.

  4. Dance Partner: Encourage guests to take turns dancing with the Toy Cop Doll, either in a playful solo dance-off or as part of a group dance routine. Its humorous appearance and lively movements will energize the dance floor and create laughter-filled moments.

  5. Party Pranks: Use the Toy Cop Doll to play light-hearted pranks on the bride-to-be or other guests throughout the evening. Whether it's hiding the doll in unexpected places or incorporating it into harmless practical jokes, its presence adds an element of playful mischief to the festivities.

  6. Souvenir and Keepsake: As the party concludes, gift the Toy Cop Doll to the bride-to-be as a funny and memorable souvenir of her bachelorette celebration. It will serve as a playful reminder of the laughter and joy shared with friends during this special occasion.

Overall, The Toy Cop Doll by HOTT Products is a fun and entertaining addition to any bachelorette party, guaranteed to create laughter, memorable moments, and lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her guests.

The Toy Cop doll stands about 5'8" tall with the hat. He has an inflated penis so it is a little soft. (poor guy). He does not have sunglasses even though they are shown on the box, but he does have an anus that you can use like a clutch, perhaps storing spare cash, your lipstick, and other essentials for a night out. I think they call that a "prison pocket".

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