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1,000 Penis candy dicks SALE

Suck a Bag of Dicks! Candy

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This bag of Suck a Bag of Dicks! Candy is tasty and hilarious, making it the perfect treat to snack on at your bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • 1,000+ Pieces
  • 5 Colors
  • Penis-Shaped
  • Item Description

    This is an enormous amount of penis candy. It weighs in at almost two pounds (30 ounces actually) and there are hundreds (thousands?) of dicks in this jar.

    These are fun candies for a bachelorette party. Of all of the penis candy we sell, this brand is the #1 seller because it is tasty, tiny, versatile, and durable. These are all things that matter for bachelorette parties.

    These penis candies taste really good. They taste a little like a Spree candy or a runt. They are fruity flavored and have a harder candy shell.

    Each candy is small, about 3/4" long, but there are lots and lots of them. This small size works great. They make a great snack to put out for your friends, they are also great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and that sort of thing. These penis candies are really versatile. You'll have no trouble using up the entire jar.

    One other thing we like about the Jar of Dicks candy is that they are durable. Too many candies don't arrive to you in good condition. Chocolate and gummies can melt, lollipops often break, and some hard candy get all powdery. This entire jar of dicks will arrive to you in great condition. The candy coating protects each piece well.

    There are approximately 1,000 candy dicks inside each Eat A Jar of Dicks. This figure is based upon our calculations. We did not sit down and count 1,000 dicks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    So friggin awesome

    Arrived On Time and In Good Shape

    Got these for the bride-to-be as a gag gift for her Bach weekend. Turns out she opened the jar on the first night and we all snacked on them all weekend. Couldn't help making a joke every time someone took a handful.

    Great Gag Gift

    I sent this to my old boyfriend as a joke and he thought got the message, but also thought it was funny. I felt like I got the last word without creating hard feelings.

    Huge! This jar is huge

    This is a big, big jar of candy. Think about the size of a large tub on peanut butter. Big. Lost of candy. They say 1,000 pieces, and I believe it.

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